Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blue Dog Democrats Can't Afford to Offend the Healthcare Industry

Interesting article by David Sirota over at Smirking Chimp explaining that the opposition to health care reform coming from Blue Dog Democrats has more to do with their need for money than their constituents opinions about health care.
The Villagers in the D.C. media (ie. the power-worshiping pundits and journalists who preen around the nation's capital telling the Rest of Us what to think) continue to claim that "Blue Dogs" and "conservative Democrats" come from "moderate districts," and this is supposed to clearly explain their opposition to health care reform and progressive taxation to pay for said health care reform. These Democrats are just representing their culturally conservative constituents who not only like guns and hate abortion, but allegedly love the health-insurance companies so much they are threatening an electoral backlash against legislators who refuse to act like health-industry harlots!
The Blue Dogs come from comparatively poor areas where rising health care costs hurt the most. Unfortunately the poverty makes it harder the Blue Dogs to raise the campaign donations they need in order to get reelected so they whore themselves out to the health care industry.


  1. They also come from rural areas that tend to distrust goverment. You've heard of moonshiners? For these people, that's recent history. In some cases, last week.

  2. It used to be that those areas distrusted Wall Street and big business as much as they distrusted government and they voted for candidates who wanted to do something to level the playing field.