Saturday, March 14, 2009

Olberman and Maddow: Corporate Sell-Outs?

I found it very disappointing that Keith Olberman did not mention Jon Stewart's interview of Jim Cramer and that Rachel Maddow only mentioned that it had gotten a lot of press without showing any clips from it or explaining what had happened. It is very difficult to escape the conclusion that someone up the corporate ladder decided that no one on any of the NBC networks should mention the story.

On the Daily Kos, Olberman denied any such censorship and claimed that he simply did not consider it to be an important story. He pointed out that he had featured CNBC's Rick Santelli as a "Worst Person in the World," but that seems pretty thin. Santelli is a very minor CNBC contributor while Jim Cramer is one of its best known personalities with an hour-show of his own everyday. Santelli's rant did not reflect upon the the network's coverage as a whole.

For all the right wing ranting about the liberal media, the content is still controlled corporations like NBC parent GE who can nix any story that strikes too close to home


  1. It is so understandable since MSNBC and CNBC are like Brother and Sister media Corporations divisions, why would MSNBC staffers rip an tear up Cramer on CNBC?
    Daddy would not want that to happen.

  2. Thanks for stopping by.

    It is understandable, but it is pretty sad that Shep Smith can get away with mocking Glen Beck on Fox News, but no one in peacock land can even comment on Cramer.