Friday, March 13, 2009

Charlie Gasparino: CNBC's Jackass of the Day 3/12/09

CNBC’s jackass of the day for Thursday, March 12 is on air editor Charlie Gasparino. You might think it was Jim Cramer who found that being satirically skewered by The Daily Show was a walk in the park compared to the ass-whipping he got under Jon Stewart’s questioning, but I give Cramer credit for going on the show and taking it like a man (unlike Rick Santelli). Gasparino, on the other hand, clearly displayed the partisan hackery that makes CNBC such a cesspool.

In a segment titled “Seeking Solutions,” Clinton’s Labor Secretary Robert Reich and Bush’s Labor Secretary Carlos Gutierrez are supposedly on the show to talk about creating jobs. For years Gutierrez appeared regularly on CNBC to shill for Bush’s disastrous economic stewardship and in yesterday’s appearance he mouthed trite conservative pieties about letting the private sector handle things without any challenge from the commentators. On the other hand, Dennis Kneale asked Reich a rather pointless question about whether Obama should be reaching out to Wall Street for advice on handling the economy. This was followed by Gasparino ranting about the fact that Obama wants to allow tax rates to return to the level that they were under the Clinton administration and rudely talking over Reich when he tries to address the question, even going so far as to imply that Reich is lying about the prosperity that the country enjoyed in the 1990’s.

This is not to suggest that there is anything illegitimate about questioning whether Clinton deserves as much credit for his management of the economy as his fans would give him. Nevertheless, it is incontrovertible fact that job creation in the 1990’s was superior to that under Bush. It is also incontrovertible fact that the recession that Bush inherited was relatively mild. It is inexcusable that Clinton’s Labor Secretary can’t make his case for Obama’s economic policies without being shouted down by a jackass like Gasparino.


  1. Gasparino should have been fired in another commentary where he suggested that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner should "have a bullet through his head." Gasparino is nothing more than a blatantly partisan thug who has no place on a financial network.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jimmy,

    I think Gasparino reflects the complete lack of editorial control at CNBC. He seems to be capable of doing some actual investigative reporting when he puts his mind to it, but there is no check whatsoever on his partisanship.

  3. Stumbled on your blog.. enjoyed it.
    Your comment about Gasparino is brilliant: "...there is no check whatsoever on his partisanship". We can't control these expressions as long as there are 'parties'. Only independent individuals should have the right to speak. For example, all members of Congress should be total and absolute individuals who represent their constituents only. Collective thoughts equal a dead totalitarian society.
    (Loved the intellectual's use of "thug"...very edgy.)
    Last thought: don't you think that the four quotations at the top left are incredibly adolescent?

  4. "Adolescent" perhaps, but not "incredibly adolescent." This is the blogosphere after all.

    Thanks for the input.