Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is Osama in Hell?

I guess it depends on whether or not the Koran is the correct magic book or the Bible is the correct magic book. However, anyone who takes the Old Testament as the literal word of God has to accept the fact that when a desert deity orders his followers to slaughter those with whom he is displeased, no matter how innocent they might appear to the unbeliever's eye, the followers have a duty to carry out those orders to the letter.

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  1. One can always haggle, like Abraham. "For ten men will you save the city? For five?" and try to make the deity feel guilty "Shall not the judge of the earth do right?" Imagine telling God to his face he is wrong. Both Abraham and Moses did it at points in the Old Testament, and he didn't even strike them dead. So no, the Old Testament doesn't necessarily teach that you must kill people if God tells you to: you can always Jew him down.