Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Melissa Francis: CNBC Twit of the Day 3/16/10

I haven’t been doing my CNBC Twit of the Day lately just because it is so painful to go back and watch one of those idiots a second time just to be sure they were as big an idiot as I thought they were the first time. Today for example, Melissa Francis was not content with her usual brownnosing of the shill from the Cato Institute and went all the way to Pavlovian salivation as Mark Calabria discussed today’s Federal Reserve Board meeting.

Mark Calabria: We need to keep in mind what Milton Friedman regularly reminded us . . .

Mellissa Francis:  Yes. Always.

Mark Calabria: . . . monetary policy acts with a long and variable lag.

My God! Melissa didn’t even know what it was that the Catotonic goofball wanted us to keep in mind. But it didn’t matter. She heard the hallowed name of Friedman and she she was ready to start speaking in tongues. “Amen! Amen!” “Glory be to the Chicago School!” It’s bad enough that she cannot bring herself to ask one of these libertarians idealogues whether less government oversight is really the cure for the banking system, do we have to listen to her ecstatic utterances, too?


  1. her voice is like nails on the chalkboard.

    picking out cnbc twits is easy. much harder to find smart comments

  2. Hey don't diss nails on chalkboard. Some of us actually enjoy that. (Yes, I'm obviously insane, because I think you could replace the expression with "John Lennon singing".)

    On the other hand, I'm pretty sure every one of the people in that video seemed to be completely mindless.