Friday, June 26, 2009

Atheism vs. Agnosticism

The difference between atheists and agnostics often lies more in how they think about theists than in how they think about God.


  1. Care to give some examples? I don't really follow. I'm with Colbert on the difference. :)

  2. There is very little practical difference between saying there is no god because there is no evidence of god and saying that god is unknowable because there is no evidence by which god can be known. The primary difference that I can see between the two labels is their propensity to offend people who believe in god.

  3. Hi Vinny. Knowing that you've sometimes written about William Lane Craig, I wondered if you had read his latest Q&A article? I just finished reading it when I came over here, and thought that it is relevant - not to the point that you are making necessarily, but on the subject in general. An interesting read, that's all I'm saying.