Saturday, September 13, 2008

Palin's Bridge to Nowhere Admission

PALIN: And now obviously, Charlie, with the federal government saying, no, the rest of the nation does not want to fund that project. You have a choice. You either read the writing on the wall and understand okay, yes, that, that project’s going nowhere. And the state isn’t willing to fund that project. So what good does it do to continue to support something that circumstances have so drastically changed? You call an audible, and you deal in reality, and you move on. And, Charlie, we killed the bridge to nowhere and that’s the bottom line.

Let's consider what Sarah Palin is saying here:

  • The federal government said no.
  • The rest of the nation did not want to fund the project.
  • The state wasn't willing to fund the project.
  • Palin understood that the project was going nowhere.
  • Palin realized that continuing to support the project would not do any good.
  • Palin takes credit for killing the project.

The bottom line is that Palin has been lying about telling Congress "thanks but no thanks" on the bridge to nowhere and she knows perfectly well that she has been lying. She did not kill the project. She supported it until it became obvious that it wasn't going to fly. After it was dead, she started kicking it.

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  1. Palin has passed her first test as a fundamentalist Christian candidate with flying colors: she lies with a smile on her face. She does it all for Jesus, you know. She, personally, is not the least bit ambitious.