Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Ignorance of Right Wing Talk Radio

If you repeat it often enough and yell loud enough, it must be true, even if you don't know what it is.

Right wing radio crap artist Kevin James tries to defend Bush's attack on Obama as an appeaser. Unfortunately, he does not know what the history of appeasement is. That doesn't stop him from trying to bluster his way through it though.

One of the best parts comes at the end when James is trying to blame the Clinton administration for the 9/11 attacks. Air America President Mark Green advised James to read Against All Enemies the book written Richard Clarke, counter-terrorism adviser to both Clinton and Bush. What did James cite in response? Pathway to 9/11, a made for TV docu-drama.


  1. Yes, a complete idiot. I think he was much funnier on King of Queens. ;)

  2. He does seem to have lost weight.

    Besides his preference for docu-dramas over books written by experts, the right wing radio mentality is on perfect display in his first attempt to explain what Chamberlain did: "It all goes back to 'appeasement.' It's the key term." Facts don't matter. All that matters is finding a label to paste on people who disagree.