Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary's "Historical" Reference

One of the most offensive things about Hillary Clinton's remarks yesterday was the justification offered by her campaign spokesman Mo Ellithee: "She was simply referencing her husband in 1992 and Bobby Kennedy in 1968 as historical examples of the nominating process going well into the summer. Any reading into it beyond that is inaccurate and outrageous."

HOLY CRAP!!! Hillary references the assassination of a candidate for the Democratic nomination as part of her reasons for staying in the race and she is outraged that someone might take that the wrong way??? What unbelievable balls!

What kind of a mind comes up with that kind of a historical reference anyway? If she was making some point about celebrity campaign contributions, would she point out the fact that Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated by an actor? If she was making some point about the state of Tennessee, would she point out that Martin Luther King had been assassinated in Memphis? The fact that the assassination remark can be tangentially tied to an arguably legitimate point does not make it any less ghoulish or inappropriate.


  1. It was a thinly veiled death threat against a political opponent. Clinton has sunk even lower than the Bushes.

  2. I don't view the comment as a death threat (perhaps I'm just naive), but I agree that it is ghoulish and extremely inappropriate. It added nothing to her point and, in fact, deflected attention away completely from the alleged point.

  3. I don't think it was a death threat either, although I do suspect that she has spent considerable time pondering the various difficulties that Obama could encounter that might derail his campaign. Perhaps she has uttered the same thought in staff meetings where no one had the gumption to tell here what a creepy thing it was to say.