Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why I Argue about the Bible

The fact that I argue with Bible believers doesn't prove that deep down I'm afraid they might be right.

I would probably argue with people who believe in leprechauns too if they showed up at the local school board meeting to demand that the high school economics class include a discussion of rainbows and pots of gold.


  1. I get Christian e-mails from former friends & family at least once a week how some evil conspiracy is attempting to do away with precious Christian values in some facet of society. I see facebook updates about people praying to a non-existent entity, and think this will resolve problems.

    I watch people embrace destructive political positions, believing it is a Moral Mandate, issued directly from a Supreme Being. If the Saudis discriminate against women, it is seen as Islamic oppression. If Israel does, it is excused…they are God’s Chosen People, right? Indeed, my government’s leaders are making international decisions, based upon the theistic belief the Hebrews have a God-Given Right to certain boundaries!

    I live in a country where the question isn’t whether your political candidate is a theist—it is how genuine a theist they are.

    My family forsake my children because of theistic belief. My friends refuse to talk to me because of theistic belief.

    Frankly, my leprechaun-believing-friends are some of the nicest people in the world. Who have no problem with others who do not believe in leprechauns, and are not demanding only leprechauns can marry…

    If Christians can’t see the difference…I suggest they visit an Islamic country and try being the REAL minority for a moment (not their assumption of victimization by claiming to be an oppressed minority.)

  2. Hey, Vinny! You didn't argue with me! That's good. I don't care much for that whole arguing thing. I like debate!
    I'm with you on the pots of gold and rainbows in economics classes. That would be totally irrelevant.

    All the best! Happy St. Patrick's Day! (By the way, did you know he was a Christian?)

  3. wordwarrior,

    I believe that a polite guest lets his host choose the mode of discourse. If a blogger wants civil discussion, that's fine with me. If they prefer sarcasm and snark, I can go there, too. I don't specifically recall what I commented on at your blog but I suspect that I responded to the tone you set.

  4. "The fact that I argue with Bible believers doesn't prove that deep down I'm afraid them might be right." should be "The fact that I argue with Bible believers doesn't prove that deep down I'm afraid they might be right."