Thursday, October 6, 2011

Refreshingly Honest

If you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself.  Herman Cain

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  1. Interesting to watch the rise and fall of Republican nominees. Four years ago, in the Democratic Party, I heard people say “ABH”—meaning “Anyone But Hillary.” As if she was inevitable, and they searched for alternatives.

    Now, it seems the Republicans are “ABM”—Anybody but Mitt. First there was the rise of Michelle Bachman, followed by the second fastest tumble in the polls on record. The first being the next hope—Rick Perry. (I am being a bit facetious.) Romney appears inevitable, and the rabid Republican base doesn’t want him.

    The current star is Cain who (I suspect) will equally rise and fall.

    Frustrating. Obama is, by all appearances, extremely vulnerable in 2012 (“It’s the economy, stupid.”) yet the Republicans cannot find someone who: 1) the Republican party will agree to nominate and 2) can win enough independent votes to prevail over a weak president.

    The rabids they REALLY want (Bachmann, Palin, Perry) won’t win national elections. The ones who could win national elections (Christie, Romney, Gingrich) they don’t want to nominate.