Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tax Cuts and the War on Christmas

The annual distraction has begun: conservatives screaming about the War on Christmas. Anything to distract the base from the fact that the Republican who campaigned as deficit hawks have extended the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans.

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The Gretch Who Saved the War on Christmas
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  1. It's times like this that I don't want to be assoiated with Christianity.

    I think this has to do both with Christians' need to be persecuted to demonstrate their righteousness and the fear of losing any power and control as the dominant religion in America.

  2. I would think that sincere Christians would be just as happy not to have Christ's name associated with many of the ways in which the season is celebrated.

    It is hard for me to see the "War on Christmas" as anything more than cynical political manipulation.