Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Batshit Crazy Republicans

According to a recent poll of self-identified Republicans:

39% think that Barack Obama should be impeached with 29% unsure;

21% believe that ACORN stole the 2008 election with a whopping 55% unsure;

63% think that Obama is a socialist;

53% think that Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President than Obama.


  1. I don't know what he did to be impeached, but I'm pretty sure he's a socialist.

    And I'm absolutely convinced he was and is completely unqualified to be president. If you can't see that by now, your rose colored glasses are far thicker than people ever had for Clinton or Bush. Palin at least has a little executive experience to show she's not completely incompetent.

  2. ChrisB,

    Obama is no more a socialist than Nixon and Eisenhower were.

    Being a governor is no proof of competence and executive experience is not required to be a successful president. Some knowledge of history, foreign policy, and economics is necessary, however.

  3. Is Palin better qualified?

    Well, Alaska is certainly close which makes her uniquely qualified on foreign affairs.

    But does she have a Nobel Peace Prize?

  4. ChrisB, you seem like a smart fellow, don't go there, don't even give Sarah Palin the italicized little. Until Republicans lose their stiffie for Sarah Palin they have no credibility. She's a nitwit, now granted this woman just attempted to run on the republican ticket in Illinois, perhaps Sara Palin is the smartest maverick in the room...

    That being said, Obama and the democrats have not exactly done, well, anything....

  5. I live in New Orleans. I can be one who knows that ACORN stole the Mayoral election after Hurricane Katrina to make sure Nagin got re-elected to be mayor.

    I saw thousands of all black voter displaced to other states bused in. They had ACORN people on buses with bullhorns telling riders to only vote for Nagin and do not bother with voting for other offices also being voted on at that election.

    Blacks bused in blacks to make sure that a black democrat was re-elected. New Orleans went down the crapper when he got re-elected. My tax dollars were forced from me to pay for that exercise in fraud.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Nature Jockk.

    I don't think that providing transportation so supporters can get to the polls by itself amounts to stealing an election, although I completely sympathize with your predicament. I live in Cook County, Illinois where the Democratic machine's ability to get out the vote has saddled citizenry with a copious supply of political hacks.

    In any case, Obama didn't even carry Louisiana which I think speaks to ACORN's inability to exert the same kind of influence in a national election.