Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is Sarah a Socialist?

Who is the governor of the state that practices the purest form of wealth redistribution?

Here is a hint: Which state taxes the oil companies in order to write checks directly to each one of its citizens?

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  1. Item one: Except for the most hardline Libertarians and most Anarchists The .gov owns certain lands until sold or given to the populace.

    Item two: The value of resource bearing lands especially a resource like oil in which the amount is strictly a guesstimate cannot be fairly determined. Thus, the .gov sells the land at a much, much lesser value than it actually has.

    This leads to Item three: The .gov is collecting the actual vale of the land they sold. The have three choices. They can use the money to establish various social programs beyond the normal scope of government. This is socialism. They can give that money directly to the people to use as they will in any way they choose. This, clearly, is not socialism. In fact, it is as Alaska suggests, a commonwealth. Option three is one that's radical enough that it wouldn't go through, and that is to reduce taxes to the point that the money from the oil covers it. This would probably eliminate most personal taxes from the Alaskan state government.