Friday, March 7, 2008

Cynical or Unnecessarily Contentious?

Yesterday, I posted a comment on Finding Home, the blog by the President of Focus on the Family, Jim Daly. I was not particularly shocked that it didn't make it past moderation.

Daly pointed out the interesting fact that Billy Graham, Josh McDowell, and Wes Craven all graduated from Wheaton College. The apparent point of this tidbit was to comfort parents whose children rebelled against the faith by pointing out that some people go wrong even though they have every opportunity to learn what is right.

I was inspired to post the following comment: "At least Craven used a little bit of imagination to come up with his scary stories. McDowell and Graham just scared people with the same hell stories that religion has been using for thousands of years."

I can't say they didn't warn me. "While we are eager to facilitate conversation by publishing most comments, we may withhold one from time to time if we deem it offensive, vulgar, overly personal, cynical, disrespectful, irrelevant, redundant or unnecessarily contentious." I was pretty sure there would be a flag on the play. I just wonder which penalty they called.


  1. 1. Religious sights almost always moderate so that they can either censor what they don't like or wait to post challenges until they've had sufficient time to put together a response. The latter is done to give the appearance that you are so wrong that it's that quick and easy to respond.

    2. IF Wes Craven is an example of "one that got away", then clearly exposure to christianity is no guarantee that someone will be "good" and there are plenty of examples of people who've actually subscribed to the belief not doing "good" so this is all just further proof that christianity is superfluous.

  2. Great comment. LOL! I'm not surprised it didn't make the cut. I wonder how many penalties they called on one play?