Wednesday, January 9, 2008

You Call That Evidence?

I found the following statement in a post titled Science and the Bible in a Missouri pastor's blog:

I know that many people are skeptical of the Bible and I have no problem
with that, it is a good trait of an intelligent person to consider evidence
before deciding whether or not something can be trusted. All I ask is that you
really do look at the evidence and not make up your mind before you even take a
look. Most people who say they don't believe the Bible, have never read it for
themselves, they are simply repeating what someone else has told them.

Pretty run of the mill stuff.

What I found interesting is where he finds his evidence for his understanding of science and the Bible: "[T]he bulk of our research has come from the work done by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron in their ministry 'Way of the Master.'"

Kirk Cameron?????

Am I really the one who is failing to investigate the issues?

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  1. FYI, I wrote a blog entry here because I found the situation entertaining.