Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Mission

In the spring of 2007, I stumbled upon a blog titled "Culture Campaign" while looking for information about a local school board election in which two conservative Christians were seeking to unseat two incumbents. I offered comments about the election as well several other topics covered by the blog including, homosexuality, creationism, and biblical inerrancy.

After a couple months, the comment function on the blog was turned off. I was told that responding to posts like mine took up too much of Culture Campaign's time. "It is actually not Culture Campaign's mission as an organization to change the minds of unbelievers, like yourself, but to get Christians to stand up and defend what they claim to believe whether that be in their schools, workplaces, govt. or even their churches..." I pointed out the irony of Culture Campaign's unwillingness to stand up and defend what it claimed to believe, but the comment function remained disabled.

In a recent post at Culture Campaign concerning tolerance of homosexuality, the blogger made the following statement: "I've come to the conclusion that they [advocates of tolerance] convince themselves that we hate them because that way they don't have to actually answer our objections." I pointed out the inconsistencies in Culture Campaign's position in an e-mail to the blogger, but needless to say, the comment function remained disabled.

So I have decided to start my own blog to comment on the Campaign's notion of Culture.

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